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Reason for needing a wheelchair

Cerebral paralysis and has a wheelchair that is really small for his size.

What does the gift of a wheelchair provide?

With the gift of mobility, individuals are given a new lease on life! They have the chance to once again be active participants in their community, and they can join in the work and play happening all around them. With many physically disabled persons relying on their families to carry them from room to room, a wheelchair means freedom—not only for the disabled person but for their caretakers.

Go to church or school

Allows someone to hold a job

Time with family and friends

Make a difference for the whole family

For every disabled person, it is estimated that 10 people, whether family or friends, participate in their care. Without a wheelchair, that translates to an enormous amount of effort expended just to get their family member or friend out of the house.

When you donate a wheelchair, you are not just giving the gift of mobility to one person: you are supporting their caretakers and enriching their community. With a gift of only $150, that is a huge impact, so please, consider donating today!

Monthly Subscriptions

For a monthly subscription, you can help donate a wheelchair to someone in need. 

One time

Want to donate a custom amount? Select your own donation amount with our one-time donation form.