A Blessing For Justin

Justin Lenin is a young man who has suffered with cerebral paralysis his whole life. He lives in Nicaragua and was born prematurely at 6 months 3 weeks with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. This unfortunate event left him unable to walk and barely able to move around without assistance from someone else. 

Justin, now twenty-years-old, has been dreaming of a better wheelchair. It was a very specific type of wheelchair, just like the one his grade-school provided him. His mother started to do some digging to see what it would take to get a wheelchair just like that one.  

For the longest time, he was sitting in a hard, wood chair with very thin cushions. It was time for change.  

His mother, Meyling, must have been blessed with a deep, maternal intuition because even though so much time had passed, something told her, “let me go back to his old school.”  

What happened once she did, was never expected.  

Meyling was informed that a donation was coming to Nicaragua, in her own words, “from a group of noble and caring people who were willing to travel for the love of coming to support people with disabilities.” 

Yes! That’s us! Chair The Love was headed to Nicaragua and Meyling signed up to be a wheelchair recipient.  

Excited as they were by this opportunity, the reality of this gift didn’t really sink in until the day the wheelchairs arrived. They watched as each box was unloaded and unpacked. The boxes that came off the truck at first had standard frames. Then came the chairs with the head and neck support and lots of adjustability that someone like Justin would need. They could not believe that one of these chairs was for him! 

Their vision for this chair came to life! Justin was so surprised and excited, he started to cry.  

Chair the Love brought so much magic to this family, we received a gushing note of thanks from Meyling to explain how we made their dreams come true.  

She said, “Justin can move without falling and with all the comforts to any place.”  

We have expanded this family’s ability to experience more peace and joy-not just inside, but outside their home as well.  

This is one of our big goals, to break down walls of limitation, to allow more access to the beauty in this world. This can all happen just by providing a life-changing piece of equipment.  

A young man had a vision. A mother took action. And Chair the Love was able to respond…thanks to donors like you! 

You can help someone like Justin restore their freedom and mobility today, click the button below to donate a wheelchair.

Editor’s Note: Justin received a Kanga chair, a special wheelchair designed for people with moderate to severe mobility disorders.  A Kanga chair is a tilt-in-space wheelchair that helps maintain proper sitting posture.  It is fitted to the user to provide maximum safety and comfort.

Justin graduated from school 2 years ago.  While in school, Justin had access to a Kanga wheelchair.  Upon graduating, his wheelchair had to be returned to the school.  For the past 2 years, Justin’s parents have had to carry him everywhere he needed to go.  While thin and frail, he is an adult-sized male and could not assist his parents in transporting him.  When Justin learned that this was now his wheelchair, and no one could ever take it away, he was overjoyed beyond measure. This is what the gift of mobility can do! 

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