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Interested in becoming a Container Club member?

If you are interested in joining the Container Club, please call us at 407-789-2020, or email We would love to have you on our team!

What is the Container Club?

      The Container Club is a group of dedicated partners who have the desire and capacity to support at a higher level. Members commit to help us serve more people more quickly by raising the equivalent of one shipping container of wheelchairs. A container of 280 wheelchairs is $42,000. Container club members have the option to select a country that will receive the wheelchairs. 

     We’ll help every step of the way in getting your distribution organized to ensure the chairs are purchased, shipped, delivered and the recipients are vetted prior to the actual distribution trip. We’ll even arrange for in-country partners to assist with everything from lodging to transportation.

How do I go about fundraising?

First, you make a commitment in your heart, then let us help you. We can provide letters, emails, brochures, images, videos, and talking points so you have a great story to tell. Then you go tell it!

This can be done several ways. Some do it through their tribe; their circles of friends and business associates. Others do it through corporate sponsorships and partnerships. Schools, churches, clubs, and other social organizations all have a part to play that can result in raising container loads of wheelchairs.

What if I can’t raise an entire container, you ask? The Container Club isn’t about what you can’t do but what you can do! Sometimes we can provide matching funds so should you come up a little short? We can probably help. Remember, we are all in this together for the benefit of the recipients.

Our goal is to serve as many people as possible so every wheelchair and every donation counts. Using our new monthly subscriber tool can be a real game changer because as you secure monthly givers there is a cumulative effect that goes on year over year. It is also a great way for families to participate and teach their kids the joy of giving. You know your circle better than we do, so when it comes to creativity… the sky is the limit!!

How to be a Container Club Member.

Share your story and your passion for providing the gift of mobility to people for whom the gift will be truly life changing. Invite friends and associates to join you on a distribution. Host an intimate dinner or corporate event to raise awareness and funds. 

It’s totally up to you.

We can even set up a private donations page for you or your group on our website. Checks for these tax-deductible donations are always made payable to Chair the Love. Donations may also be made by credit card on our website. Every donor will receive a tax-deductible gift receipt.