Guadalajara, MX

Join us in Guadalajara, Mexico for a life-changing trip! We will be delivering wheelchairs and other mobility devices to people in need, and you will have the chance to experience first-hand the difference they make in someone’s life. 

Dates: October 19-23, 2023

Price: $1199 (Double Occupancy Room) /$1399 (Single Occupancy Room)


Guadalajara/Saint Miguel De Allende
Mom and Daughter excited about her new wheelchair


Join us in guadalajara to experience the shared joy of changing lives!

Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico is the logistical crossroads of commerce. Among the hustle and bustle there lies a significant community of those that cannot move without the aid of a wheelchair. 

With a large distribution of wheelchairs just outside the city, and several more distributions within the state of Jalisco, we will experience the shared joy of changing lives.

Following the first several days of distribution, we will visit nearby towns, soaking in the culture, and learning craftsmanship from some of the local artisans. Our Mexican hosts will be with us to translate and give us the rich history of their country.

Trip Details

  • Pickup from airport in Guadalajara (Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport)
  • Dinner with group
  • Check-in to hotel (Quinta Real Guadalajara)

  • Wheelchair Distribution
  • Hotel: Quinta Real Guadalajara
  • Wheelchair Distribution
  • Hotel: Quinta Real Guadalajara

  • Touring Day
  • Hotel: Quinta Real Guadalajara

  • Travel Day Home



  • $1199 (Double Occupancy Room)
  • $1399 (Single Occupancy Room)



  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Activities



  • Airfare

Making a Difference,
one wheelchair at a time

A wheelchair can mean access to the community, a job, continuing education, travel, and freedom, but more than anything else, when a person receives a wheelchair, they receive a new hope and a new future; one that is not limited by their physical disabilities, and that gives back their autonomy and freedom as individuals.  

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Give the gift of mobility, Join us!

Those who attend our wheelchair distribution trips come home changed. They have a deeper understanding of the struggles that people with disabilities face in places like Guadalajara, Mexico.

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