Join us in Nicaragua for a life-changing trip! We will be delivering wheelchairs to people in need, and you will have the chance to experience first-hand the difference they make in someone’s life. 

Dates: November 30 – December 5, 2023

Price: $1499 (Double Occupancy Room)
            $1699 (Single Occupancy Room)


Join us in Nicaragua to experience the shared joy of changing lives!

A country of unusual beauty and desperate need welcomes Chair the Love and its donors to 5 days of impactful travel and mission.

Three donations of wheelchairs around Managua’s outer villages will take the first few days.

After the distribution, we will stay in the beautiful Gran Pacifica on the ocean, boasting world-class waves and beaches.

We will get to walk through the picturesque colonial city of Granada and learn of its deep history.

This is for the traveler that wants to combine their love of exploring new places and their desire to make an impact in the world.

Trip Details



  • $1499 (Double Occupancy Room)
  • $1699 (Single Occupancy Room)



  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • In-Country Transportation
  • Activities



  • Airfare

Making a Difference,
one wheelchair at a time

A wheelchair can mean access to the community, a job, continuing education, travel, and freedom, but more than anything else, when a person receives a wheelchair, they receive a new hope and a new future; one that is not limited by their physical disabilities, and that gives back their autonomy and freedom as individuals.  

our impact

Give the gift of mobility, Join us!

Those who attend our wheelchair distribution trips come home changed. They have a deeper understanding of the struggles that people with disabilities face in places like Nicaragua.

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