We will be giving 280 wheelchairs away in the impoverished shantytowns of North and South Lima. These communities are in desperate need for assistance to their disabled. After our wheelchair distributions, we will travel to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.

Dates: October 17-25, 2022



We Travel to Peru to experience the shared joy of changing lives!

Our first few days will be spent distributing wheelchairs in the Lima area shantytowns of Carabayllo and Lurin, impoverished communities that are in desperate need of medical equipment for the disabled. 

During the distribution ceremony, we will have the opportunity to personally give wheelchairs to participants and help them get into their new chairs. You will have the opportunity to hear their stories and hug their necks. 

Your time spent here will likely leave an indelible impression on you, as we leave the makeshift tin homes and return to our comfortable beds at the Wyndham Costa del Sol in Lima.

We will then travel to Cusco, to witness the engineering marvel, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. 

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Making a Difference,
one wheelchair at a time

A wheelchair can mean access to the community, a job, continuing education, travel, and freedom, but more than anything else, when a person receives a wheelchair, they receive a new hope and a new future; one that is not limited by their physical disabilities, and that gives back their autonomy and freedom as individuals.  

our impact

Give the gift of mobility, Join us!

Those who attend our wheelchair distribution trips come home changed. They have a deeper understanding of the struggles that people with disabilities face in places like Peru.
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